Piston Ring Groove Grinding Machine


For piston ring groove grinding

Piston Pring Groove Grinding Machine PR-WG
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Grinding to produce oversize grooves
  • Polishing of chromed surfaces
  • Variable rotation speed and direction of turn table

Range of Operation: 350-1200mm
Turn Table;
Adjustable Speed Both Directions:
220 or 380VAC, 3ph
Surface Roughness after Grinding: N4, Ra smaller than 0.2
Right Angle Accuracy: within 0.05 degree
Parallel between Upper and Lower Faces (Width Total.): 0.005-0.010mm
Surface Eveness (Waving): within 0.01mm
Groove Grinder: 2sets
Edge Grinder: 1set(optional)

Coolant Pump with Metal Separation
Strainer Dimension (D X W X H)